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Ray Vonie rayvoniesfraves
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PLURnography... I mean XLR8R.
I just read the newest issue of XLR8R, and laughed my ass of.   I don't
think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.   Their report on PLUR was
absolutely unbelievable.   Talk about MISSING THE ENTIRE POINT of the
concept.   At first I thought it was a joke, like a satire, but then I
realized that they were serious, and I just kept laughing, and almost
passed out.

Right of the bat, the article shows an offensive graphic representation
of a handgun with labels of Peace, Love Unity and Respect tagged to its
components.  It's the antitheses of anything that PLUR is about, but
then I realized that it was just a twisted metaphor for their very
unique journalistic perspective of the concept.

The author, then goes through the dissection of the meaning of all 4
words, sighting Webster dictionary definitions of each one and
eventually concluding their NON- correspondence to each other, thereby
rendering the overall meaning of PLUR to be literally misleading and
definitively conflicting.

But the most amusing point that is made in the report is the assertion
that PLUR is just some sort of marketing gimmick that is basically used
as a clever way to sell and advertise...   and of course, who would know
better than them, considering that they make their living from
advertising, and marketing... and know all the tricks of the trade.

I am baffled by the egotistical nature of a magazine that feels it's
their place to downplay a philosophy as positive as PLUR.   Their
hypocrisy of downplaying the concept of PLUR as a marketing ploy, is ...
in and of itself ... a marketing ploy.

I think that the philosophy of XLR8R is to increase circulation by
creating controversy... they want to be the Howard Stern of Underground
Magazines.   All they care about is selling issues, and They certainly
can't do it by being positive and inspiring (LOTUS has the market
cornered on that).   So they decide to be the self proclaimed
'Bad-Asses' of the scene, and sell issues based on Negatively oriented
controversy, just for the $$.

If have much pity for a rag that feels that in order to survive in this
scene they need to create controversy and confusion fill space in the
pages.  But hay, It works, cause I'm still going to read it... Even
though they Don't really want you to read it, or else they would give
half a shit about making it easy to read instead of wasting blank space
everywhere and using 6 point font size for the articles.   And Im sure
many others will also read it (as long as it's free), just to see how
low they will stoop next.   And besides, it makes a great guide of which
advertisers I do not wish to patronize.   Besides it is a perfect rag to
keep next to the toilet, because when you're constipated, and you're all
out of Ex-Lax... Nothing can irritate the shit out of you better than a
copy of XLR8R.

And by the way... Their report on glorifying drug dealers, and the role
of Good and Bad drug dealers in this scene....  WOW what a report.   I
think that every one who Sells drugs had better watch their ass now...
because If this doesn't bring additional heat on the scene, and get more
"rave drug parties" busted by the cops... then I don't know what will.
Thank You XLR8R for once again making it harder for promoters to throw
parties, and get permits.  Your Respect and Concern for this scene is
very obvious.

I especially find it funny, because when I wrote to them the last time,
when they glorified graffiti, I asked them if they were going to glorify
drug dealing and gang rape next... well only gang rape is left now...
and I can't wait for them to start printing full nude layouts, and
advertising 900 sex numbers.   I figure eventually they will become a
full-on porno mag, or go out of business.

Keep it real....   Vlad

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